Image by Jake Gard
Image by Jake Gard

Karla’s vision is to …

  • Fight for working families and unions

  • Defend human rights

  • Protect our natural environment


Karla is ready to work for our shared values!

Vote for Karla for IL State Representative!

Thank you for contacting Karla and caring about the issues that impact our communities in Central Illinois.

Why do campaigns need money? Our campaign is paying key staff for their time and talents. We have ongoing monthly costs for tech and communications, and a bulk mailing costs as much as $7,000 to reach 20,000 voters! Every donation helps us connect with voters.

Thank You For Voting!

Are you ready for a Democratic woman to represent us in Springfield?  How would you like to help with our campaign and stay in touch?  It has been 90 years since a woman has represented our area in Springfield. Work with us to change that!