A Message From Karla

Although we lost our hard fought race, I am very proud of the work our team has done over these many months. We spent hours narrowing down the 100 things I care about into three main points: Fighting for working families and unions, defending human rights, and protecting the environment. These messages resonated with voters, we had actual policy proposals in each area, and I hope our nominee Sharon Chung will take up some of them.

Thank you to each and every person who gave any moment of their time, and any amount of money to our campaign! 

Thank you to everyone who voted for me and supported our message across the whole district, from Bloomington to Bartonville. Most of all, I am blessed and enriched and inspired by all the stories and concerns I heard as I canvassed across the whole distinct. I met new friends, and others who will join me as allies and accomplices as we continue to advocate for change that will make life better for EVERYONE. 

I fully support Sharon Chung for State Representative in the new 91st District