Racial Justice


Racial Justice

Karla advocated for a Black Lives Matter sign at her church back in 2015, and began doing the work of understanding the lived experience of people of color in our community, and what we can do to right the wrongs of the past.


Karla recognizes that systemic racism has created economic inequalities, and perpetuated negative perceptions of people of color, which in turn disproportionately makes them targets for arrest, incarceration, and police violence. This racism also affects people in the workplace, in schools, and in health care. 

Karla supports the Black Caucus pillars of reform, and pledges to advocate for education and opportunities for our residents of color and economically disadvantaged folks of all backgrounds. 

  1. Criminal justice reform, violence reduction and police accountability

  2. Education and workforce development

  3. Economic access, equity and opportunity

  4. Healthcare and human services.