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Join Karla in a conversation one on one, via email, or video chat, or invite her to attend your own community event!

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Upcoming Events

Volunteer Opportunity! 

Literature Distribution


We will be distributing information in McLean County every weekend for the final weeks before the election, at least two precincts per weekend. Meet us a 9:30, get a Unite 88 vest to wear, a map, and the post notes!!


Volunteer Opportunity!

Phone Banking

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY! Phone Banking from home! Would you like to or be willing to spread your passion for Karla as a candidate? If so, we are looking for volunteers to make calls and spread the world about Karla Bailey-Smith running for the 88th District. If you are interested please comment here, and we will contact you with information.


Volunteer Opportunity!

Whenever works for you


Would you like to or be willing to spread your passion for Karla as a candidate? If so, we are looking for volunteers to text people and spread the world about Karla Bailey-Smith running for the 88th District. If you are interested please comment here, and we will contact you with information.

Previous Events

White Place House Party

January 12, 2020

Private house party in White Place chatting with Karla about the issues that you, your family, and community face. Unicorn themed eats, treats, and activities for kids and young at heart.

Tracey Drive - Local Meet & Greet

January 26, 2020

All State, Regional, and Local Democratic Candidates in one place - your chance to raise your concerns about the issues that matter most to you, your family, and your community.

Karla's Birthday Bash

February 8, 2020

Good Eats - Fresh Beats,  Karaoke by Karla at the Bistro! All money helps move our #RainbowWave to Springfield

Galentines Day Event

February 13, 2020

Kickin' it breakfast style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It's like Lilith Fair, minus the angst, plus frittatas!

Kiwanis Pancake Days

February 29 & March 1, 2020

Multi-candidate Meet and Greet at the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts.

Happy Hour-ish

April 10, 2020

Have a quarantini or Tonic for your ennui! Chat with Karla about anything and everything!

Virtual Town Halls

Weekly on Thursdays!


April 16, 2020 - Why Vote? Who makes the decisions that affect us RIGHT NOW, as it relates to the pandemic and the local response and resources with panelists Elizabeth Fox Anvick, District 87 School Board, Lea Cline, ISU, and Paul Resnick, Illinois Central College. Watch the replay!


April 23, 2020 - Reproductive Justice A town hall discussion on reproductive justice with special guest Brigid Leahy, Senior Director of Public Policy with Panned Parenthood Political Action and Jackie Gunderson, candidate for McLean County Board District 9. Watch the replay!


April 30, 2020 - Health Care A town hall discussion with a focus on health care and resources with Tazewell County Board candidates Paul Resnick and Talena Michaels. Watch the replay!


May 7, 2020 - Rural Internet Access A town hall discussion with a focus on rural internet access and infrastructure and special guest RJ McCracken for McLean County Board District 3. Watch the replay!


May 14, 2020 - Why Vote for Karla? A town hall discussion focusing on why you should vote for Karla. Learn more about Karla's roots and why she's running for IL District 88 Representative! Watch the replay!


May 21, 2020 - Why Vote for Coroner? A town hall discussion focusing on why we vote for coroner with special guest Abbi Sorrels, candidate for McLean County Coroner. Watch the replay!


May 28, 2020 - Small Business Impacts of Shutdown A town hall discussion focusing on the small business impacts of the shutdown with Jan Lancaster from the Bistro in Bloomington. Watch the replay!


June 4, 2020 - Conversations with local leaders in Moms Demand Action about Wear Orange, be SMART training, and legislative actions. Watch the replay!


June 11, 2020 How does voting affect investment in our communities, our law enforcement structures, and what can we do to make real changes? We will hear from two members of The Next Gen Initiative, Heather York from Pekin, who helped organize the first known anti racism rally there, and Olivia Butts from BLM, who will talk about ending cash bail and the effects of pre trial incarceration. Watch the replay!


June 18, 2020 - Town Hall with Equality Illinois - Mike Ziri from Equality Illinois will talk with us about legislative history, goals, and celebrating Pride around COVID. Watch the replay!


June 25, 2020 - Town Hall - Who was left out of pandemic resources? A discussion with mutual aid organizers from McLean and Tazewell counties - Erin Brown, Megan Reha, and Robert Garcia. Watch the replay!


July 2, 2020 Vote for the Economy! Join us for discussion about how who you vote for can effect the economy with featured guest Michael Seeborg, Economist at IWU. Watch the replay!


July 16, 2020 - Town Hall on Gerrymandering and the Census George Gordon, political science professor and long time county board member will join us for a discussion about gerrymandering! Who draws the maps? People in power. Let's talk about that. And why the census is important! Watch the replay!

July 30, 2020 - Town Hall - Housing, with guest Chemberly Cummings, IL 105 - Join Karla and Chemberly Cummings for IL 105 for a conversation around housing, including rent control, unsupported and decaying housing, and how best to support families. Watch the replay!

July 31, 2020 - Back to School Conversation - Parents - As parents, we are faced with an impossible decision. Let's share our stories and frustrations. Juliet Lynd, author of the large list of questions many of us signed for D87 and Unit 5 will be one of my guests. Watch the replay!

August 3, 2020 - Back to School Conversation - Teachers - Join us for conversations with education employees about the reopening plans. Watch the replay!

August 6, 2020 - Why Vote By Mail? - Join us to discuss voting by mail! We'll talk about voting rights, polling places, voter turnout, and how to request a mail ballot! Watch the replay!

Dr. Who Themed Trivia Night Fundraiser

May 23, 2020

Join Karla and hosts Catrina and David Parker for some fun Dr. Who trivia questions! Bring your own beverage and banter!

Star Wars Trivia Night Fundraiser

May 30, 2020

Topic: Classic, original, and best (of course) Star Wars trilogy. Red Raccoon gift card to the winner!

Harry Potter Trivia Night Fundraiser

June 6, 2020

Bring the whole family! Compete as a family team! Brush up on your Potter lore!

LGBTQ History Trivia Night Fundraiser

June 20, 2020

Celebrate Pride month with a fun trivia night, in person at the Bistro or via Zoom!

2nd Chance to Celebrate Pride with Trivia! LGBTQ History Trivia Night Fundraiser

June 27, 2020

We had such a good time last week, but our broadcast at the Bistro was rained out. The Bistro opens at 7 on Saturday, so let's play at 6. Zoom will open at 5:30 and the game starts at 6 p.m. 

Hamilton Trivia Night Fundraiser

July 5, 2020

In celebration of the 4th of July and the release of the Hamilfim, enjoy some fun Hamiltrivia with Karla!

Next Gen Initiative - Let's Learn About Local Government

July 7, 2020

The purpose of this event is to inform and educate our community on the roles of local government, and the importance of voting. See you at Miller Park by the stage!

Candidate Conversations

July 19, 2020 - McLean, IL

Meet Karla Bailey-Smith for State Representative and RJ McCracken for County Board District 3 at Mt. Hope Funks Grove Park District in McLean, IL! Bring your questions and your ideas for legislation and services!

July 21, 2020 - Washington, IL

Come to the Wenger Shelter in Washington, IL and meet Karla for IL 88 and George Petrilli for Congress! He is challenging Darin LaHood. Bring your questions and your ideas about what the state and federal legislature should be doing!

July 22, 2020 - Mackinaw, IL

Meet Karla at Veteran's Park in Mackinaw, IL! Bring your questions and your ideas about legislation and initiatives.

July 29, 2020 - Bloomington, IL

Meet Karla for IL 88 and Lea Cline for County Board District 8 at Franklin Park in Bloomington, IL! We will have bubbles and mini golf for kids, and bring your questions and concerns for those of us running for office!

August 2, 2020 - Danvers, IL

Meet Karla for IL 88 and RJ McCracken for County Board 3! Bring your questions and concerns. Danvers Village Park in Danvers, IL, but we will be outdoors so we can stay safe and distanced.