Meet Karla Bailey-Smith  

 I’m a working mom, running for the first time against a 20 year incumbent. Do you know who your State Representative is? Many people don’t, and that is the #1 reason I am running. Policy coming from Springfield affects ALL people and is not partisan. I want to be accessible and visible to everyone in the 88th District. I will attend community meetings and events (even virtual ones!), and I am always willing to listen to how policy decisions affect YOU. We deserve someone in Springfield who engages with and votes in the best interests of the people, and I want the job!   


I am self-employed. I pay my bills doing ordinary house painting, and I also work as an artist painting scenery for theatre, or special projects such as murals. I live in a rented home. I have crazy student loan debt and credit card debts. We have medical debt. Although my husband has a “good job”, his pay raises over the past few years have been offset by rising health care costs. We are paying more each year for the insurance itself, and our deductibles have ballooned. I am OF the people, and I want to represent everyone who has not had a voice speaking for them in Springfield. I will be a good steward of OUR tax dollars that will pay my salary to represent us!                                                                               

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