Policy Positions

Labor Rights

Karla recognizes the need for supporting the right to organize a union within a workplace and wants to see unions in Illinois gain strength in their bargaining capacities. 


Karla supports public education. Click below to learn more!

Rural Broadband

Karla supports critical funding for infrastructure including access to broadband. Click below to learn more.


Karla supports and values our farmers. Click below to learn more about Karla's views on agriculture.


Karla is a strong equality candidate and supports diversity and sensitivity training. Click below to learn more.


 Karla supports renewable energy and climate action. and climate action.

Adoption and Child Welfare

Karla is an advocate for children and families. Click below to learn more about her policies on adoption and child welfare.

Public Safety

Karla recognizes that Public Safety encompasses more than police reform.

Reproductive Health 

Karla supports reproductive health care and comprehensive sex education. Click below to learn more.

Policy Post-its

Policy affects people. When I was able to meet people in person, I asked them to tell me something they were concerned about, or something that affected them, and I asked them to put it on a post it note! I want people to connect voting, to policy, to their own lives.