Are you inundated with ads asking for money?

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

I'm not asking you for money today.

I'm asking you for your TIME and your TALENTS, and your CONNECTIONS. The only way we can win is to #Unite88. Can you host a meet and greet at your house? A supper? A coffee/hot chocolate or cocktail hour? Do you have a business, an art gallery, a barn, or a labor hall where we can gather in community to talk about how the local and state issues affect us?

Are you willing to canvass door to door? Make phone calls? Work on a monumental voter engagement postcard project? Do issues research? Let us know!

I don't think the dollar amount raised should have any bearing on the the candidate's ability to do the job, or to win. Of course we need print materials, postage, gas money, and later on, visual advertising.

But the person with the most money doesn't always win. The person with the most votes does. We need to reach people who haven't been voting, who aren't even registered, and the NEW voters who are 18-20!

Please help us do that!!

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