Back to School?

My last blog post was about our struggle, locally, to choose between virtual learning and in person learning. In the end, the decision was made for us, and I could have done without all those sleepless nights deciding what to do. Our kids in Bloomington and Normal are starting online learning, or orientation, this week. Meanwhile, we are just one week into ISU and IWU being back in session, in a hybrid model, but in spite of all necessary precautions on campus, our Covid cases have risen dramatically. My #policypostit reads: "cost of higher education" . What price will we pay to keep our places of higher education operating?

Meanwhile, I am working hard to be ready to do the job if I am elected. I have said to friends that not only am I still earning a living and being a mom and the only one doing the shopping, I'm also learning everything I can about issues, policy, and about the needs of our residents. We have weekly town halls scheduled to address the issues and talk about the related policies. My own education at IWU prepared me to be curious, to seek out the answers.

Please tell me your concerns and I will do the work to find the solutions!

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