I want to work for YOU, for US!

Since early in January, I started working on our municipal elections in Bloomington. I phone banked every Saturday, and I was out canvassing, knocking on doors, meeting people and having great conversations. I probably knocked on 1500 doors. I worked in my own precinct, too, because I am a Democratic Precinct Committee person, to educate my voters and advocate for our progressive candidates.

Many of the people who came to the door had no idea about the local elections. Ever since November 9th, 2016, I have had a fire within me to engage people in voting and with the legislative process at all levels of governance. Recently, I was asked to be the Education Director for the McLean County Democrats. In this role, I plan to work with our current Precinct Committee people to improve our voter outreach, recruit more PCs, and build our county party.

Today is International Workers Day. Last night, I attended a May Day Eve event and told my own story of being a union member, and how I had good wages, breaks, and benefits, and contrasted that to my struggles to have good wages ever since then. Only by being self employed can I have the conditions I want without a union. My story sparked conversations last night about organizing more workers in unions, and I challenged the crowd for us to work together to change Illinois labor laws to provide breaks, especially for those of us who work on our feet. Rest breaks are a health and safety issue!!

I have so much work I want to do for the people of Illinois. As we open up and are able to gather outside this summer, I will be putting myself out there again and getting ready to petition for whatever the State Rep district may be. We deserve at least ONE State Legislator in our area who cares about workers rights, gun safety, the environment, health care, public education, LGBTQ rights, affordable housing, clean energy jobs, prison and criminal justice reform, police reform, true public safety, and one who will say "Black Lives Matter" and do the work of being an active accomplice and not just an ally.

Please consider a small recurring donation, or a bump to our finances so we can pay for table space at festivals, spots in parades, and keep up with our monthly expenses for our communications. Use the donate button on the website!

Thank you. I will continue to fight for Equity, and work for the PEOPLE, not corporations.

Happy May Day, and I hope to see more of you soon!


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