One Month after:

Four years ago, one month after the 2016 election, I attended my first meeting of the Democratic party of McLean County. I got involved, I worked on other campaigns, and I saw women stepping up to run, so I did too!

One month after my first election as a candidate for State Representative, I know that although we lost the vote count, we won each other. We won community. We talked about issues, about the needs of the PEOPLE.

I am not done talking about the needs of the people, and I am not done building community. Right now, Volunteers are gathering information on community resources for our website. Please send YOUR ideas to

Our website will also be a source of information on legislation and for the upcoming municipal elections, so please share any initiatives you support, local school board candidates, township positions, town council and mayoral races we should support.

I am happy to use the words “Our campaign” and “Our website”, because we had over 180 individual donors to OUR campaign. We had over 100 people over the course of the whole campaign who helped in many different ways, and I thank each and every one of you for everything you gave.

I will put my name on the ballot one more time, running as State Representative. Redistricting is supposed to happen before then, so we don’t know the boundaries, and the district number might even change. What hasn’t changed yet is that our area of Central Illinois is represented in Springfield by white, Republican men. Meanwhile, our campaign will serve as a hub of information and community building.

Thank You to everyone for everything!!

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